May 29, 2023
Ryan J. Dick

DriftFeed is a platform where users can share detailed travel guides. It integrates text and images with an interactive map to enable users to create rich travel content.

 A screenshot of the DriftFeed homepage as of May 2023.

A screenshot of the DriftFeed homepage as of May 2023.


Planning a trip is a lot of work. It can take many hours of research to assemble a list of places that you want to visit and then translate that list into a logical itinerary.

During the planning process, I find myself relying heavily on content from travel creators (bloggers, photographers, Instagram influencers, etc.). When I find a creator with similar interests to me, I often wish I could see the details of their trip from beginning to end.

DriftFeed aims to solve this problem by making it easy for travel creators to share detailed travel itineraries.

Current State

So far, just myself and a few friends have shared our travel guides on DriftFeed.

In the medium term, I plan to improve the site's SEO ranking. I guess that means I need to travel more!

Longer term, I hope to have more travel content creators on the site. I believe that DriftFeed can become a valuable database of information for travellers, as well as a lucrative source of affiliate revenue for content creators.

Tech Stack

Technical Design

TODO: Update this section with details about how the DriftFeed backend and travel guide editor are designed.