May 10, 2022
Ryan J. Dick

TrackMyCal is a Google Calendar Plugin that enables users to extract time tracking analytics from their calendars. TrackMyCal is 100% free, and consistently has over 150 WAUs (weekly active users).

I have done zero marketing for TrackMyCal, so I'm quite pleased that so many people have discovered it organically and find it useful!

Here's a screenshot of the UI. (I never claim to be a good designer, but in my defense the Google App Script environment has a particularly limited set of UI components.)

A screenshot of the TrackMyCal user interface.

A screenshot of the TrackMyCal user interface.


I use Google Calendar extensively in both my personal and work life. I built TrackMyCal to scratch a personal itch. TrackMyCal allows me to easily answer questions like:

  • How much time have I scheduled for focused deep work this week?
  • How many total hours did I spend on project X?
  • How has my weekly exercise time varied over the past 6 months?

Tech Stack

TrackMyCal is built with Google Apps Script (Javascript), and pretty much nothing else.

The app is intentionally very simple. There is no backend outside of the Google Workspace environment. User data never leaves the Google ecosystem.